Living Digital – Strengthening Consumer-Powered Healthcare in Zimbabwe

Living Digital – Strengthening Consumer-Powered Healthcare in Zimbabwe

There is no denying that consumers are becoming digital natives. For more than two decades Population Services International Zimbabwe (PSI), now Population Solutions for Health (PSH) has been strengthening healthcare in Zimbabwe towards a new future. 

PSH with support from PSI Digital Health Monitoring Team, recognize that consumers continue to evolve and so is the need to upskill efforts to reimagine healthcare with the consumer at the centre. Therefore, PSH and PSI set out on a journey of leveraging digital technologies to support innovative health solutions, whenever possible. The end game is to deliver quality care and put control into the hands of the consumer.  

PSH has strived and thrived in smart networking in the digital sphere. Currently, PSH is an active member of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Information Systems (IS) Technical working group (TWGs) in the country. This has been very critical in coordinating our efforts, systems, and resources to achieve objectives aligned to the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC) digital priorities. 

With the increased exposure to the digital world, it means our consumers expect cutting-edge capabilities and smooth digital healthcare experiences. To that effect, PSH with support from PSI is constantly championing intelligent workflows that are transparent and agile — delivering greater value to staff, consumers, and the community at large.  

In fact, we are guided by a digital strategy anchored in leading relevant, scalable, sustainable, and consultative digital health solutions that follow Personal Identifiable Information (PII) protection and privacy requirements, as well as nurturing a culture of adaptive learning. 

PSH has developed various digital and mobile technologies to support the three pillars of our digital strategy namely consumer digital health, workforce digital health, and digital community influence. Pushing the agenda is a fully-fledged expert Information System and ICT unit and support from the PSI’s Digital Health Monitoring (DHM) team.  

Notable consumer-facing and workforce-facing health innovations in our digital health solutions journey include:


PSH Digital Health Solutions Journey

Our journey to become a digital thought leader in healthcare doesn’t stop here. We have become the go-to non-governmental organizations (NGO) for digital solution initiatives in Zimbabwe and we intend to continue. Distinct capacity-building projects such as the technical and learning agenda; monitoring and evaluation measures and designated digital work champions are in motion. All built to capacitate PSH in effectively delivering our digital transformation mission.